About Brazmedics:

We are a Manhattan based specialty skin care company built on 20+ yrs of experience and expertise caring for and developing beauty regimens for our oculo-facial plastic surgery clientele. Incorporating those same anti-aging, healing and nurturing priorities, Brazmedics focuses on achieving these same benefits for you at home, with our affordable premier skin care line. We can now offer our unique and exclusive niche market skin care experience  using these incredible products that were developed and curated for EVERYONE. Everyone who cares about maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin with an impeccable standard for only the best beauty ingredients and a proven record of reliable results. Previously only available to those with an appointment, the Brazmedics product line offers everyone the unique and exclusive team approach to specialized skin care as provided by Dr. Brian Brazzo and Elle Elie, the Co-founders and long time colleagues behind the Brazmedics brand.

Achieve your own special "je ne sais quoi" version of beauty - BeFAB: BeFore, After and Beyond...with products from Brazmedics.

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Meet Brazmedics’ Dr. Brazzo:

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